This is going to be classic!

At 9am, the wedding party meets in the reception of the Armstrong Hotel - a classic heritage building in Downtown Fort Collins. I love it here, I simply cannot take a bad photo of my couples in this place. It is gorgeous.

Vili and Skye are looking amazing, ready for the morning's adventures. Our first destination, the Farmhouse at Jessop Farm.

Travelling in style

As we exit the Armstrong, a baby-blue Cadillac pulls up, its engine rumbling deeply. The top is down, the chrome is gleaming, and we get some stunning photos right there on the sidewalk.

It's 10am as we arrive at the Farmhouse.

The drive was pleasant so Skye and Vili are glowing. They're on cloud 9 and we haven't even gotten to the good part yet! A quick tour around and some happy snaps, then it's time for brunch. The Farmhouse has put on an amazing spread for us, and we chat and get to know each other better over their famous waffles and breakfast burritos with fresh eggs, fried tomatoes, and delicious coffee. We consider their bottomless mimosas but think better of it. The day has only just begun for us.

11am - time to head out.

After a quick stroll around Jessop Farm, we hop back in the Caddy for a driving tour of Fort Collins. We stop and take photos in front of famous landmarks such as the Masonic Temple with its beautiful architecture. It's a gorgeous day and we make the most of the beautiful light coming through the trees.

12pm - back to the Armstrong

Arriving back at the Armstrong Hotel, it's time to get ready. Champagne helps to turn nerves into excitement as Skye's hair is done up, makeup is perfected, and she changes into her dress. Vili is soon ready but keeps pacing, so he's sent to make sure the other guests know where to go and when to arrive.

The car is brought back around to the front, and we have a first look in the beautiful hotel lobby. It's 1pm and therefore time to head back outside. We have to get some cute shots of the couple in Old Town, drive to City Park and walk around the pond, visit the flower gardens, and then it's back to the Hotel

2pm - The guests are waiting.

There's electricity in the air as the guests see our bride and groom arrive. They welcome them into the hotel with hugs and smiles. It's time to eat, tell stories, and congratulate the couple.

By 4pm it's time to hop into the car again. This time, we're headed for Horsetooth Mountain. It's warm, and we put the top up to preserve Skye's hair.

5pm - Horsetooth Mountain

Hiking up, we stop to wonder at the view and take both candid and posed photos. Gotta have a mix for Instagram! The sun begins to set, as we reach the summit. It's time to say their vows.

By 7pm we're back in town, and we've swapped the Caddy for a Party Bus. The wedding party spend the rest of the night barhopping in a Craftbrew Tour of Fort Collins. Not me though! They can Instagram that part themselves.

you can have an epic INSTAGRAMABLE wedding, too

I promise you, this isn't something you have to beg forgiveness for wanting. You need not consult someone else about your wedding day, to see if you're "allowed" to do it the way you wish.

It's your day. Let me be YOUR guide.

If you want to have a stylish elopement like this, please contact me as soon as possible. This could be the exact change you need to make in your life. These decisions can empower you to be who you truly are, and your wedding will be a ceremony of your innermost self joining with your spouse. But you have to be decisive and call me now.

If this sounds amazing, but not quite "you" don't worry; we can create custom wedding days that are just for you!

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