First thing's first; what is an Elopement?

To elope used to mean you were running away, escaping from mom and dad to marry the love of your life instead of your second cousin or some old dude from the city. It literally means to flee or abscond! But the term elopement has moved away from those ideas and into modern parlance. These days, an elopement is when you decide to have a wedding day that is less about the other people and more about you as a couple.

Yeah, that can be a little selfish, but hey, when so much of our life is lived for other people, why should your wedding day be about them as well? You need to make it fit your lifestyle, and if that means only two people in the forest with a ribbon knotted over your hands, on the back of a Harley, or in a cathedral, so be it. Of course some people will be pissed off. They'll act all offended because you didn't want to share your love for your partner in crime with someone else. Sounds ridiculous, right? I think so, too.

It's an intimate affair.

To me, an elopement is just a wedding with a small party of guests.

It can be in a non-traditional space, like hiking out into nature, a helicopter ride to an uninhabited island, or on horseback. Maybe it's just 3 of us, but I stay incognito. Perhaps a wedding is you two, your best friends(2-legs or 4), and a celebrant. Want to wear Viking outfits and have your friends chant in Old Norwegian? Traditional as you can get!

Basically, we work together to decide what your idea of an elopement is. Then I get to work on making it happen. To do this, you'll need to contact me. If you're ready right now, do it here: Git 'R Done

Step by step:

Make Contact

We'll have a meeting in person or online. You'll tell me your budget, the final product you want, what your wedding day will look like to you, and other details.

If I think we can work together and our goals align, I'll accept and start work.

The Proposal

I'll draw up a proposal document with two options on it, full-service or basic coverage.

Full-service meaning I'll take care of planning your itinerary for the day. Timeline, location, call sheet, equipment, personnel, transport, and so on.

Basic coverage means you provide all itineraries and transport, and I'm just your paparazzi for the day.

The Contract

After you've made your choice I'll draw up the contract. We can meet and sign it in person or online.

Once the contract has been signed, I'll take payment of $2000, or 50% of our agreed-upon amount to secure your dates, whichever is greatest. This must be paid within 48hrs of signing the contract or I'll release your dates and the contract will be invalid.

The Big Day

It's finally here, we get to realise your dream wedding, be it up a mountain, at a lake, in a tent, or even a barn. It's your day!

This is the day where the final payment for my services is due. The service level you choose determines the amount of input I have here, but I'll always strive to meet your needs and ensure your day goes off without a hitch.

The End?

Who knows? It's up to you. Are we partying the next day? Are you off overseas or cross-country? Either way, I'll get to work processing the images and/or video I've captured of the day. We'll have a short online meeting where you'll get a sneak peek of your images before they're edited. If I can get your feedback that would be grand.

Then the next time we talk will be when you get your final products. If that looks like a leather-bound wedding album, framed art for your walls, or simply just digital copies of your edited images, you'll be away laughing.

Honestly, I can't wait to meet you.