Elopements not for you?

Want to gather in a sacred space and have a celebrant?

Cool. Not everyone wants to have an elopement. That's fine by us - in fact, I really respect that you want a more traditional seeming wedding ceremony. Here's my suggestion: keep it small, intimate, about your love and commitment to each other and your creator(s), whoever you believe that to be.

I've heard too many stories about the day being ruined for the couple by disappointed relatives, wasted food, and a feeling that the wedding ended up being all about the guests, or - heavens forbid - the mother-in-law. My own wedding was like that.

So we had 2!

What's important to you?

Choose which you want

Traditional Wedding Prices

Examples of popular packages

Diamond Package

Planning and consultation.
Elopement-style engagement photos.
6 hours of wedding coverage, photography and a video highlight reel.
Wedding album.
Digital gallery.

From $6000

Full Photo Coverage

Some consultation.
6 hours of wedding coverage; photography only.
Wedding Album.
Digital Gallery

From $4000

Digitals Only

6 hours photography only.
Digital Gallery.

From $3000

Build Your Own.

Don't see what you want in these packages? That's fine, contact me and let's build up to what you need.

No matter what, you always get a digital gallery of finished images for you to download and share. That means they're edited and retouched gently. You can add albums and wall art, coverage time, videography, 360 VR images, engagement sessions, horses... what?

reception coverage or time-splitting incurs extra expenses. Sorry.